Machine Learning

What is the Technology?

Artificial Intelligence technology has long been used by many companies, especially in the direction of service. In addition, artificial intelligence can be used in all spheres of human life. We often hear that the next robot with artificial intelligence has surpassed the achievements of man. Some even frighten such developments. The truth is, understanding the technology of Artificial Intelligence is not such a bad thing. In reality, it is very useful.

BSD provides cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning development services and solutions to the businesses of a different scale, from startups to enterprises. We offer our clients services for mastering and implementing a specific technology in artificial intelligence – machine learning.

For a visual understanding of what machine learning technology is, we will give an example of traffic jams while driving. The busyness of each section of the road is affected by a large number of factors: location, season, weather forecast, the number of accidents, time of day and much more. It is very difficult for a person to compare these factors and make a prediction. Only machine learning technologies bring together diverse data and, on the basis of this, make predictions that can be as precise as possible for a particular solution.

What we offer
  • Analyzing large amounts of data
  • The application of modern methods of machine learning
  • Construction of AD-HOC assays
  • Visualization of research results
  • Cluster analysis
  • Construction of predictive models
  • Collection of data from various sources, building datasets
  • Development of scoring models
  • Monitoring the quality of models

For one of our current customers, we successfully conducted an order analysis to optimize the location of the goods in the warehouse. The implemented recommendations allowed to significantly reduce the time of order assembling and reduce the costs for the maintenance of warehouses.

We successfully developed and implemented a recommendation system based on the analysis of user habits for a large online retailer.