Blockchain technology

Global development of new technologies for blocking has begun. The effectiveness of this technology was recognized at the highest level. Many governments of developed countries are already implementing developments based on this technology. New platforms are being developed, various products and services are being created, new usage scenarios are being tried, and most importantly, there are new areas of application of blocking technology.

The technology of blocking is used in such operations, where the guarantee of their confirmation is required, the safety of the entire history and complete confidentiality. This is ensured by the use of encryption facilities and the distributed storage of a single operation registry of operations on all client nodes.

Our company offers both full-fledged product development, based on Blockchain technology, and the participation of our specialists, as part of a large development team of Blockchain.

What we offer
  • Integration with trading of Blockchain platforms
  • Creating integration with external services (platforms, exchanges, terminals)
  • Development and audit of smart contracts
  • Creation of ICO site, technical organization / consulting for carrying out “crowdsale”
  • Creation of systems based on Ethereum

We successfully implemented and launched several ICO projects, implemented several projects related to smart contracts, we also participate as a technical team in the project to create a proprietary blockbuster.