Machine Learning

What is the Technology?

Artificial Intelligence technology has long been used by many companies, especially in the direction of service. In addition, artificial intelligence can be used in all spheres of human life. We often hear that the next robot with artificial intelligence has surpassed the achievements of man. Some even frighten such developments. The truth is, understanding the technology of Artificial Intelligence is not such a bad thing. In reality, it is very useful.

BSD provides cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning development services and solutions to the businesses of a different scale, from startups to enterprises. We offer our clients services for mastering and implementing a specific technology in artificial intelligence – machine learning.

For a visual understanding of what machine learning technology is, we will give an example of traffic jams while driving. The busyness of each section of the road is affected by a large number of factors: location, season, weather forecast, the number of accidents, time of day and much more. It is very difficult for a person to compare these factors and make a prediction. Only machine learning technologies bring together diverse data and, on the basis of this, make predictions that can be as precise as possible for a particular solution.

What we offer
  • Analyzing large amounts of data
  • The application of modern methods of machine learning
  • Construction of AD-HOC assays
  • Visualization of research results
  • Cluster analysis
  • Construction of predictive models
  • Collection of data from various sources, building datasets
  • Development of scoring models
  • Monitoring the quality of models

For one of our current customers, we successfully conducted an order analysis to optimize the location of the goods in the warehouse. The implemented recommendations allowed to significantly reduce the time of order assembling and reduce the costs for the maintenance of warehouses.

We successfully developed and implemented a recommendation system based on the analysis of user habits for a large online retailer.


Blockchain technology

Global development of new technologies for blocking has begun. The effectiveness of this technology was recognized at the highest level. Many governments of developed countries are already implementing developments based on this technology. New platforms are being developed, various products and services are being created, new usage scenarios are being tried, and most importantly, there are new areas of application of blocking technology.

The technology of blocking is used in such operations, where the guarantee of their confirmation is required, the safety of the entire history and complete confidentiality. This is ensured by the use of encryption facilities and the distributed storage of a single operation registry of operations on all client nodes.

Our company offers both full-fledged product development, based on Blockchain technology, and the participation of our specialists, as part of a large development team of Blockchain.

What we offer
  • Integration with trading of Blockchain platforms
  • Creating integration with external services (platforms, exchanges, terminals)
  • Development and audit of smart contracts
  • Creation of ICO site, technical organization / consulting for carrying out “crowdsale”
  • Creation of systems based on Ethereum

We successfully implemented and launched several ICO projects, implemented several projects related to smart contracts, we also participate as a technical team in the project to create a proprietary blockbuster.

Big Data Solutions

What is Big Data?

In today’s world, a large amount of data and information is generated every second: checks in stores, video from surveillance cameras, Internet traffic, publications in the media and in social networks. The collection and storage of such volumes of information imposes large financial expenses on companies. However, the simple storage of such disparate and unrelated information does not bring any financial benefits to companies, but only increases the items of expenditure.

In order to ensure that all collected information brought profit to companies and helped in the development of business, many market participants introduce into their organizations systems for processing large amounts of information of the Big Data class. These systems are specially designed to analyze all incoming information and search, seemingly not obvious, links of all data. Based on the information received, companies will be able to track the development of the business, or to see the beginning of a recession in certain directions and take the right actions in time, so that the business always brings profit.

What allows data analysis

  • Simplify the processing of incoming information from various sources and its rapid processing.
  • Reducing the cost of processing and storing all information.
  • Increase the reliability and diversity of the reports produced by seeing all the data simultaneously.
  • To build forecasts of business development in real time.
The application of Big Data in various business sectors

Trading Companies
Will help companies create personalized offers for each of their customers. This solution will be offered on the basis of several sources of information: site behavior, purchase history, participation in company shares, customer loyalty to the company. Obtained data on purchases, companies will be able to build their plans in the long term and make predictions for the future.

Telecom companies based on Big Data technology will be able to analyze their subscribers, identify the relationships between them, segment them and make special offers for each segment.

Financial organizations
Companies of this type can monitor the transfer of their customers in real time and identify cases of fraudulent nature. Also, for each client, based on his financial operations, you can prepare a special offer and offer it directly while working with a bank product.

Utilities and engineering services
Using information from service consumption counters, companies can make predictions for the future for the formation of long-term resource purchases. Also, the data will help optimize all costs for maintenance and upgrading of equipment.

Managed DevOps Services

Adopting DevOps is a journey. We provide Remote Managed DevOps  Services to support and unblock your Product Teams. Our engineers develop and integrate hosting services, software pipelines for high-availability, infrastructure automation, and much more. We stay in close communication with your team to successfully leverage the benefits of the cloud, therefore ensuring your environment runs efficiently and cost-effectively.


Designing and implementing a fault-tolerant multi-tier cloud architecture for different applications of various scales. Whether it is on-prem or in the cloud BSD DevOps Managed services can help to create automated, replicable, and testable environments.


Having multi-cloud experience, our engineers can choose the best cloud platform for your business. Whether it is Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or Oracle Cloud. We can conduct an analysis and provide the report of the pros and cons based on your specific requirements. In addition to the Managed DevOps Services, learn more about BSD Cloud Services here.


Provisioning and managing the infrastructure within Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC) approach never been so easy. Utilizing cloud tools (AWS Cloudformation / Azure Resource Manager) or cloud-independent (Terraform). As a result, with BSD Managed DevOps Services you will have scalable infrastructure templates and configurations for rapid deployment in the shortest time.


Implementing Configuration Management for maintaining the systems and software in a known, consistent state. Working with most known configuration management solutions: Ansible / Chef / Puppet / Salt for instance. BSD DevOps can provision and scale your infrastructure and software systems when you need them.


Automated deployment, continuous delivery, and application testing using CI/CD tools like Jenkins/Bamboo/TeamCity. BSD DevOps Automation Services can streamline your software development lifecycle improving release velocity.


BSD DevOps team has an experience of a complex IT infrastructure migrations from the on-premises data centers to the cloud. As a result, moving to the cloud we helped our customers save and optimize infrastructure costs by providing uncompromised flexibility and scalability.


BSD has preconfigured templates and proven procedures for intelligent and proactive monitoring implementation. Whether it is generic metrics or events monitoring, Application Performance (APM), URL Transaction Monitoring, or Log Management. Our goal is to provide valuable data for your development team and to be proactive enough to guarantee your 99.99% uptime.


Learn more about Boston SoftDesign DevOps services!

System Integration Services

When businesses grow, the importance of system integration grows with it. With increasing demands more software and SaaS solutions are being added. Each doing its own handy function and each offering its own unique service.

Unfortunately, system integration is often inadvertently overlooked. New programs don’t always play nicely together, resulting in data silos. And as you add more programs, it becomes harder to integrate them into your current workflows.

Without system integration, you lose efficiency, productivity, and opportunity. All those technologies you implemented to save time can lead to more manual work as you try to connect uncooperative touchpoints.

Boston SoftDesign integration services can help to solve those problems. BSD team has an experience building custom integrations for custom software together with building complex integration and automation solutions using industry-leading iPaaS platforms.

Integration services solution

Cloud solutioins

On-Premise solutions
  • Oracle Service Bus

Software Development

Boston Soft Design consultants collect and translate business requirements into the technology solutions that become reality through the custom software development.

We provide a full range of services for the development of custom software:

  • Development of software applications, according to the requirements and needs of business
  • Upgrading and optimization of existing software
  • Software Maintenance and User Support



Our main feature is scalability and flexibility. We scale our team according to project requirements to guarantee coordinated results to be achieved in time.
Our experience let us use best governed models in place for best customers satisfaction.

Flexible pricing models

Our business is providing best development services for the customers and help them to save costs, that is why we use an outcome-based pricing model instead of a staffing-based approach
We are more transparent with clients and can offer more predictable pricing models
We help our customers to save up to 50% of direct cost.

Network Administration

Products we support
    • Cisco,
    • Juniper,
    • Huawei,
    • F5,
    • D-Link,
    • HP,
    • Arista,
    • Fortinet,
    • Avaya,
    • Checkpoint,
    • Mikrotik

What we offer

Administration of IT infrastructure:

  • Administration and support of IT infrastructure
  • Administration and network support
  • installation of SCS
  • Compilation and maintenance of up-to-date technical documentation
  • Remote user support
  • Administration of Microsoft products and services (Active Directory, System Center, RDS, GPO, IIS, DNS, DHCP, WSUS, File-service, Print-service, RemoteApp, Mail-service, Certificate-service)
  • Exchange Server Administration
  • Administration of Hyper-V servers

Information Security Management :

  • Audit of the state of information infrastructure, operational risks and information security threats (and corresponding controls) for compliance with various standards (ITIL, ISO27xxx, COBIT, PCI DSS, etc.)
  • Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
  • Development and implementation of an information security program (project, documentation, training and testing of employees, technical solutions, support)
  • Network perimeter scan on vulnerability
  • Internal network scan for vulnerabilities
  • Penetration testing

Integrated technical support
Integrated technical support includes a set of services that provide and expand the main areas of operation of the network:

  • “Reactive” – ​​the rapid elimination of accidents on the network, the solution of performance problems, including at the junction of equipment from different manufacturers and technologies, the adjustment of equipment.
  • “Proactive” – ​​periodic maintenance, monitoring, working with equipment manufacturers, infrastructure audit, risk assessment.
  • “Consulting” – development of solutions for business requirements.

Implementation of network infrastructure monitoring solutions (Solarwinds, WhatsUp Gold, Zabbix, Datadog, etc.) and collection of logs (ELK / Splunk) and their customization for the needs of the company, as well as further support.

OEBS Functional Helpdesk

OEBS Functional helpdesk services (On Premise & Cloud)

Setting up and integrating with external systems

  • Loading information into Oracle
  • Create a custom API such as Adeptia, Sales Force, Agile, etc.
  • Extracting and exporting data from other systems
  • Create new service-oriented applications and configure existing
  • EDI inbound / outbound

Development of reports of any complexity in all modules of the system

  • Inventory, bill of material, shipping, packing slip
  • Sales order acknowledgment and invoicing
  • Receivables, payables, purchasing, fixed assets, GL – journal lines with drill down to AR/AP

Creating of workflow

  • Configuring AME for iProcurement and iExpense
  • Configuring Custom Approval Processes
  • Create new workflows for various applications / business processes

Shell Scripting

  • FTP/SFTP, encryption / decryption of scripts

Oracle Cloud services

  • Oracle HCM Cloud
  • Oracle Financials Cloud
  • Oracle Procurement Cloud
  • Oracle SCM Cloud – Plan to Produce
  • Oracle SCM Cloud – Order to Cash
  • SCM Cloud Foundation
  • Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud


  • Oracle Cloud Platform: Development
  • Oracle Cloud Platform: Integration
  • Oracle Business Intelligence for Oracle Fusion Applications (Sales Cloud, Oracle HCM Cloud and Oracle ERP Cloud)
Support of Oracle EBS products

Financial Management (GL, AR, AP, FA, CE)
Human Resources 

  • Advanced Benefits ; Core HR; Payroll; Absence management


  • iProcurement; iSupplier; Purchasing

Project Management

  • Project Costing; Project Billing;

Service Management 

  • Depot Repair; Field Service; Service Contracts

Supply Chain management 

  • OM; Shipping;

Value Chain Execution/Planning 

  • WMS; Mobile Supply Chain; INV